Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Workplace bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Workplace bullying - Essay Example There is more than an adequate dearth of material and resources to complete and fulfill this dissertation project. The researcher has printed more than one hundred professional research journal articles. The researcher considers this present study to fill a contemporary need to identify potential practices the organization may employ to counter the increasing number of reported, as well as those not reported, bullying incidents in the workplace. Leaders will most likely benefit from the information this study presents. Penney and Spector (2005) report that negative factors such as incivility, organizational constraints, and interpersonal conflict appear to relate to counterproductive work behavior (CWB). In their study, â€Å"Job stress, incivility and counterproductive work behavior (CWB): the moderating role of negative affectivity,† as Penney and Spector assess the effects of workplace incivility on employee satisfaction and CWB, they also note that basically, the relationships between job stressors and CWB proved stronger for employees displaying negative affectivity than for employees demonstrating low negative affectivity. Vartia-Vaananen makes exceptional points and inevitably questions who is responsible for the bullying. Contrary to the obvious, it remains ambiguous and it is avidly manifested by her descriptions of how each term is socially known. For example, she states that, "six main types of bullying were identified among government employees visiting occupational health care units: slander, gossip, and rumors, 2) social isolation and keeping people uninformed, 3) giving a person too few or overly simple work tasks, 4) continuance criticism of peoples work and its results, 5) threats or acts of physical violence, and 6) insinuations about persons mental state (Vartia-Vaananen, 2003). Research into bullying at work has been naturally focused on the target and has, therefore, focused on the environment and leadership

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