Monday, September 23, 2019

Library Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Library - Research Paper Example The findings of the study conducted by the authors were used in the development of a software application, ‘EcoSiteManager’, to assist in the management of logistics for large factories (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 1920). The last few years have seen a sharp increase in the volumes of shipments across the world. This has led to most of the large companies stretching to their limits in terms of their capabilities to handle the large amounts of cargo (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 1800). This has in turn led to development of bottlenecks in the various transport chains across major ports. In as much as this negatively affects the transport sector and stalls business operations, it creates an opportunity for more enabling more efficiency in the transport sector. This presents a great potential for increasing efficiency in the area of transport and logistics in at various terminals, production sites and distribution centers thereby ensuring th e economy continues to grow (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 2050). ... I have learnt a lot of useful information on how to improve efficiency the transport network to reduce production costs and ease congestion at various transport terminals. One most of the most fascinating fact that I have gathered from the article is the idea that technology can be used to improve the efficiency of the transport network. The EcoSitemanagement system for instance can be used to manage movement of products across a transport channel. This is very fascinating given the impact that technological developments are having on the business sector and the economy at large. This information in the article can be used in the development of other software applications to manage other areas in the transport networks such as distribution of goods. Title: Lean manufacturing practices: Problems and Prospects Author: Rajesh K. M. Mehta, D. and Naveen K. M. Date: 2012 Topic: Logistics In this article, the authors examine how manufactures can improve the efficiency of their production t hrough lean production practices. Lean production refers to the generation of additional value for consumers by doing away with activities and processes that lead to wastage of time and resources (Rajesh, Mehta and Naveen 1600). This will ensure that production costs are kept at minimum while at the same time ensuring production of quality goods and services for the consumers. Large manufacturers have complicated production processes that need good management to ensure the end product is of the highest quality as possible. Some of the activities in the production process consume a lot of time and take up many resources that would have been used in other activities. The article presents lean manufacturing as the best alternative

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