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Scholarly Article

Yak's Mason Scholarly Article Assignment In â€Å"Crime, Guilt, and Subjectivity in Film Nor, Winfred Flock argues that Film Noir â€Å"opens our eyes to the ‘true' state of American society† 1 by not masking true human emotion in a situation where survival is not certain. He implies that it shows the protagonist struggle with desire and selfishness in a light that had not been shown before in American cinema and is the root of why Film Noir transcends time and remains a popular genre.He adds that the popularity of genre is rooted partly due to the fact that it is the antithesis of the films mainstream Hollywood was putting out at the time; the sunny and cheery tones were in stark contrast with Film Noirs â€Å"dark† and â€Å"atmospheric†2 overtones. I agree with Flock but would add that the success and everlasting nature of Film Noir is also due to the fact that it allows the viewer to personify with a protagonist that has faults and shortcomings just li ke themselves and hat the selfishness the protagonist exhumes in times of scrutiny is relatable to the audience in opposed to the typical morally perfect hero of the time.I would add that Film Noir paved the way for TV and Holly. Wood's current obsession of providing a anti-hero who is morally flawed selfish in shows such as Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and movies such as Wolf of Wall Street. Overall, Film Noir remains popular and has a lasting appeal largely due to the depths and nuances of the main protagonist, as well as the difference teens the atmospheric tones against the cheery light-heartiness of conventional Holly. DOD. It is also necessary to observe how Film Noir paved the way for the medium and story telling as a whole for later generations.

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Cosi †What Does Lewis Durig the Direction of the Play Besides Money Essay

‘Cosi’ written by Louis Nowra is a play that, explores the themes of love and fidelity, illusion and Delusion and identity and madness all explored through the events of the main character Lewis and the mental patients he works with. Lewis initially directs the play ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ for the money but finds himself gaining more than just money as the play concludes. Throughout the play Lewis is able to grow and learn as a person through the play. This includes Lewis gaining new views on love and fidelity, His growth in confidence throughout the play, all while he gains a new positive respect and view on the mentally ill. Initially in the play Lewis’s feelings and attitude towards the mentally ill are highly negative but as he begins to work with them through directing the play he begins to see them without his previous mindset. â€Å"just leave† he says to himself on context of directing the â€Å"nuts† However Lewis progresses he starts to see them as normal humans, this is confirmed when near the end Act 1 where Nick says â€Å"they’re nuts† and Lewis defends the patients. Initially Lewis believes that the patients are dangerous and if they forgot to take their medication they could â€Å"go berserk† however as the play progresses Lewis’ views are shown to change the more time he spends rehearsing with the patients. This indicates his change in character and his dedication to helping those that he once viewed very negatively. By the conclusion of the play it is evident that Lewis has gained knowledge and new outlooks in regards towards the mentally ill and through the directing of the play Lewis was able to break past the stereotypical opinions and realize â€Å"They are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, thought extraordinary thoughts. † The most important of all themes shown through ‘Cosi’ is definitely Love and Fidelity. Lewis begins the play with really no opinion towards love and fidelity other than what he had heard from Lucy, but as the play continues and advances towards the conclusion of the play Lewis learns and forms is own opinion that love and fidelity is actually important in any day and age. When Lewis is first asked about fidelity by one of the patients he responds with â€Å"Love is not so important nowadays† this is shows that he doesn’t really seem to have too strong opinion on the matter, and that it is of very low importance as well as he is following social norm and mainly influenced by the opinion of Lucy that fidelity is old fashioned. However, through great amounts of work with the patients and exposure to their thoughts and views on fidelity creates great insight for Lewis. Lewis gradually gains a new perspective on fidelity, which is greatly influenced by Henry when he says â€Å"My mother only loved my father, no one else. He died in Korea and she loved no one else but him. † Showing that even during war times people still can find time for love and that it is not just â€Å"an emotional indulgence for the privileged few† this also inspires Lewis to end his relationship with Lucy when he states â€Å"without love the word wouldn’t mean much. † Lewis begins the play with a very shy and introvert personality, presenting that he is lacking self-confidence. These characteristics are straight away evident within the opening scene of the play, when the play describes Lewis as â€Å"fumbling in the darkness†. This is suggesting that Lewis is has no great strive to do things in life and lacks motivation. This is also extremely obvious to the reader when Lewis at the beginning of the play when he suggests â€Å"we could do the Exception and the Rule† but then is bullied by the other patients particurly Roy into changing the play the patients will perform to ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’, however as the play progresses the patients begin to get on Lewis’ nerves, teaching him to take control of situations gain confidence in himself not only to direct but to have his own. Nowra shows this in the very last line of the play where he states to himself â€Å"time to turn out the lights† and the theatre goes black.

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M3- How Sales Techniques and Good Customer Service Have Evolved in the Organization

M3- how sales techniques and good customer service have evolved in the organization Sales techniques and good customer service have changed so much that customers are getting the right support they need with the product. In the last few years, Currys did not train its staff to a high level of standard but now it is expected that when a customer directly goes into a store, the staff will do their best to deliver good customer service using knowledge of what they already know about the product. Product knowledge is most essential in customer service as customers may need to know how a product will benefit them and the features it has. Signage above each section is a valuable sales technique used by Currys which directs the customer to where the product is placed. Not only is this a simple method but ensures that customers are able to find the right product in the most convenient way. This particular strategy of Currys was recently invented and it has been an improvement to customer service now on from the previous years. Some new features have been provided at Currys like the ‘Playtables and improved merchandising’ for example, which gets customers into trying the product and help them make informed choices about what tends to be worth buying. If customers would like to get in touch with a member of staff and discuss the complaints they may have, the Currys team of colleagues are its best in dealing with problems brilliantly. Before, the Automated System was not beneficial to customers as they had to leave a message and took time for them to respond quickly, so what Currys tends to do now is they recruit a set of colleagues and train them to use a service where responsibility is taken for the customer’s issue and they try to resolve the problem quickly. Price promise helps Curry’s to distinguish itself from their competitors; Comet, John Lewis, Argos, Staples, and Tesco. Other stores may have the same product, but Curry’s offer a 10% discount on their competitor’s price. Their tactic is to check what sort of prices different competitors may have and come up with the most unbeatable value to offer their customers with. However, whilst in the last several years customers had not been given an option of price promise, now Curry’s is under pressure from online retailers so they have to make sure the cheapest products are provided online for the customers. Curry’s tend to install and repair the products which are broken or damaged and as far as I have seen from the customer’s side of the view through their complaints on the online review; it seems that there are both positive and negative remarks from customer towards their customer service. One says that they had waited for a replacement of the product but the team told the customer that the part will not be in until 28 days. Whilst others thought the customer service was impressive with helpful staff to assist you with anything with the product itself. However, the team of colleagues may use the information provided by customers on the online review and make efficient improvements to the way sales techniques and good customer service was delivered in the last couple of years.

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Debate the pro' and cons of death penalty Essay

Debate the pro' and cons of death penalty - Essay Example Usage of powerful killing drugs has been now put to use for the extermination of criminals sentenced to capital punishment. There was a time when this noble profession of medicine was used only for the purpose to serve mankind and heal. But now it has taken a new turn and physicians are being turned into executioners with the different techniques evolving for capital punishment. There has been an instant where there has been an excellent example given, the case of the Abu Ghuraib who was the alleged man behind the 9/11 attacks being held prisoner in Guantanamo bay prison where he was tortured by physicians and also that physicians are used for torture prisoners often. Dr. David Waisel, a physician participation in capital punishment proceeding (Mayo Clin Proc.2007; 82(9): 1073-1080), described this in terms of saying that what physicians consider dehumanizing the condemned through torture during execution process. They dehumanize themselves and grow numb to the idea of death and kill ing. John Bright (1811-1899), a British Quaker and member of Parliament, put it thus in 1868 "that it is actually the law of capital punishment tends to destroy the fact that reverence for life finishes". There was thing heading under which the basic idea strewn together was that United States does not permit execution of children. Here the idea that is being projected was that United States has allowed the execution of children. In the biological sense, teenagers are considered as children but the law states that children above the age of 14 are considered as adolescents and are vulnerable to commit capital offense therefore they are also candidates who, if commit crime can be taken care off using capital punishment which the adults get. Considering another heading which state that the barbarism is being disguised as an act of benevolence referring to the physicians being involved and taking up the role of that their respective field doesn't allow. It also discusses the idea that this capital punishment which has now been slowly converting physicians to mere executioners by making them to take potent medicines. A medicine which was at one time meant to cure people is now being used against them. This whole act by physicians is called barbaric and also that this mal practice of medicine is considered to be hypocritical to the oath of medicine and physicians. Saving lives isn't the deed but taking has been nowadays. Instead of easing pain the condemned go through torture and succumb to the ultimate, death. Here Dr David Waisel argues, as to why not make death easier for the condemned using medicine and not increase sufferings. It's the final act of benevolence that could be acted out even if it for the sinner. Article 2 Cathleen Kaveny (2008). Justice or Vengeance: IS THE DEATH PENALTY CRUEL & UNUSUAL February 15, 2008. Commonweal. In this article the author throws light on the very delicate issue of taking the decision as to what lengths should a capital punishment or death penalties go and yet not touch the boundaries of

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STEEP ANALYSIS ON INDUSTRY OF PULP AND PAPER - Essay Example ronic medium of communication or the digitization and automation in the every aspect of business the need for physical paper has shown a decline in the recent ages (Barney, 1991). The use of the electronic medium in the businesses has affected this industry. This has led to a decline in the purchase of the paper and pulp. However, a number of new technologies have been adopted by the manufacturers which would be cost efficient and would lead to rise in the revenue of the companies. The technological shift would also lead to a rise in the production of the paper in the country. However, as most of the companies are moving towards sustainability the use of hardcopy paper using for mails and documentation are getting reduced. Since the major inputs for the manufacturing of paper and pulp is tree, the manufacturers have become more inclined towards eco friendly. This has led to a rise in the demand for the hand-made paper or of materials which are made up of recyclable products and thereby saving a lot of trees. The manufacturing companies also have to be conscious about the balance in the emissions during the process of production (Chhabra, 2010). There are a number of laws pertaining to the environmental auditing and regulations which has been set by the government of the country. The companies have to ensure that these laws are not violated while they are undertaking their production process. There is a lot of variety of paper that is being produced in India. For each of the qualities the pricing of the paper varies and hence the revenue from the expensive category of the product is quite low. Canada has a stable political environment. Along with that the trade relations with the United States and the participation in the NAFTA has helped the country to move towards a better economic position and have helped the country to complete in the larger world

Financial managment project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Financial managment project - Essay Example TAQA is operating in a multi-billion-dollar global market oil and energy market. As a result of this, the financial performance of TAQA is determined by the trend in the global market. Lately, the price of oil has been erratic, and this has also affected the economic standing of many oil companies worldwide, TAQA inclusive. Some of the major competitors of TAQA are Shell, Chevron, British Petroleum, and Exxon Mobil. These financial analyses will unravel the suitability of TAQA for investment as it reveals the level of profitability, durability and the benefits any future investors could gain by putting their hand-earned money on the company. (I) Level of Profitability: From the fiscal year 2007 to 2009, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company demonstrates a healthy level of profitability. This observation can be supported with the following data: In 2007, TAQA’s average profit margin was 0.12, and its returns on equity was approximately 0.12. These are encouraging figures because 2007 was a terrible year in the energy market. It was the period the oil price shot up to the sky and made energy business almost seemed unprofitable. However, TAQA was able to have an appreciable return on assets that worth 0.015. The following year (in 2008), TAQA’s profit margin increased considerably to 0.19, and its returns on equity did a lot better coming to 0.2, while the returns on asset surprisingly came to 0.02. These results indicate the fact that the profitability of TAQA increases every year. Although, the year 2009 is different because the financial crisis that began in the United States also affected TAQA, bringing its profit margin down to 0.01, its returns on equity plummeted to 0.014 and its returns on assets shrank to 0.001. However, there is every possibility that once the financial crisis is over, TAQA will be abl e to rebound to its profitability level. (ii) Degree of Solvency: The analyses

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How technology has affected history Research Paper

How technology has affected history - Research Paper Example Lives have been saved, businesses grow, environment is taken care of and everything seems to progress with the aide of technology. In particular, the recent breakthroughs in computers and internet have allowed people to connect to anybody anytime and anywhere despite of the distance geographically. Barriers have been overcome by the technology and people are able to enjoy the benefits. Despite of the benefits from technology, some downfalls are seen by scientists and other professionals throughout history. Those may pose hazard to the environment, human health, education, morals and many more. There are many factors involved in those negative consequences of using technology but those are not signs of the end of the world. They may signal the need for change, innovation and further studies to create new solutions to the spurring problems and challenges for the betterment of the world towards sustainability. As technology has been noted in the preceding paragraphs, reflecting upon the changes as it passes through the history may give a clear picture and understanding to the readers regarding the importance and impact of technology to human existence. History has been divided into different eras and for the study, three eras would be mentioned and discussed: Renaissance Era, Industrial Revolution Era, and Atomic Era. Each era would be provided with introductions and the technologies used for each. Afterwards, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology for each era would be analyzed and compared and contrasted to other technology from other eras. Renaissance started since the time of the High Middle Ages wherein various improvements happened in terms of the economy, society, politics and intellects. Its roots came from the Renaissance of the 12th century which was considered to be the developments to sprout at the latter part of the Middle Ages. It became the avenue for the advancement in arts, literature and science although scientific developments occurr ed at the latter part of Renaissance.1 Renaissance originally means rebirth and it was a cultural movement that spanned from the 14th century to 17th century and became a wide-scale movement throughout Europe. It had produced the paper and type sped that allowed quicker dissemination of knowledge but still some nations in Europe had not experienced its boom equally. In terms of literature, it developed the Latin literature across the Western continent and the popularity was attributed to Petrarch. In particular, he had made linear perspective and other artistic techniques together with the reformation of education.2 The developments had given way to the practices in the Modern Era such as the conventions in politics through diplomacy and the importance of observation that became the primary tool for science. Renaissance had also catered to the developments of the polymaths who were considered to be geniuses in various fields of knowledge and abilities like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. They were known as Renaissance man as being such is attributed to the name of the era. Various issues had been laid down with the concept of the polymaths and even with the name Renaissance and its very existence.3 Some viewed Renaissance as just a part of the former eras with high respect for classical ages as culture and arts flourished. Nostalgia

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Workplace bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Workplace bullying - Essay Example There is more than an adequate dearth of material and resources to complete and fulfill this dissertation project. The researcher has printed more than one hundred professional research journal articles. The researcher considers this present study to fill a contemporary need to identify potential practices the organization may employ to counter the increasing number of reported, as well as those not reported, bullying incidents in the workplace. Leaders will most likely benefit from the information this study presents. Penney and Spector (2005) report that negative factors such as incivility, organizational constraints, and interpersonal conflict appear to relate to counterproductive work behavior (CWB). In their study, â€Å"Job stress, incivility and counterproductive work behavior (CWB): the moderating role of negative affectivity,† as Penney and Spector assess the effects of workplace incivility on employee satisfaction and CWB, they also note that basically, the relationships between job stressors and CWB proved stronger for employees displaying negative affectivity than for employees demonstrating low negative affectivity. Vartia-Vaananen makes exceptional points and inevitably questions who is responsible for the bullying. Contrary to the obvious, it remains ambiguous and it is avidly manifested by her descriptions of how each term is socially known. For example, she states that, "six main types of bullying were identified among government employees visiting occupational health care units: slander, gossip, and rumors, 2) social isolation and keeping people uninformed, 3) giving a person too few or overly simple work tasks, 4) continuance criticism of peoples work and its results, 5) threats or acts of physical violence, and 6) insinuations about persons mental state (Vartia-Vaananen, 2003). Research into bullying at work has been naturally focused on the target and has, therefore, focused on the environment and leadership

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Library Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Library - Research Paper Example The findings of the study conducted by the authors were used in the development of a software application, ‘EcoSiteManager’, to assist in the management of logistics for large factories (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 1920). The last few years have seen a sharp increase in the volumes of shipments across the world. This has led to most of the large companies stretching to their limits in terms of their capabilities to handle the large amounts of cargo (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 1800). This has in turn led to development of bottlenecks in the various transport chains across major ports. In as much as this negatively affects the transport sector and stalls business operations, it creates an opportunity for more enabling more efficiency in the transport sector. This presents a great potential for increasing efficiency in the area of transport and logistics in at various terminals, production sites and distribution centers thereby ensuring th e economy continues to grow (Zoran M., Christian T, Andreas M, and Uwe C, 2050). ... I have learnt a lot of useful information on how to improve efficiency the transport network to reduce production costs and ease congestion at various transport terminals. One most of the most fascinating fact that I have gathered from the article is the idea that technology can be used to improve the efficiency of the transport network. The EcoSitemanagement system for instance can be used to manage movement of products across a transport channel. This is very fascinating given the impact that technological developments are having on the business sector and the economy at large. This information in the article can be used in the development of other software applications to manage other areas in the transport networks such as distribution of goods. Title: Lean manufacturing practices: Problems and Prospects Author: Rajesh K. M. Mehta, D. and Naveen K. M. Date: 2012 Topic: Logistics In this article, the authors examine how manufactures can improve the efficiency of their production t hrough lean production practices. Lean production refers to the generation of additional value for consumers by doing away with activities and processes that lead to wastage of time and resources (Rajesh, Mehta and Naveen 1600). This will ensure that production costs are kept at minimum while at the same time ensuring production of quality goods and services for the consumers. Large manufacturers have complicated production processes that need good management to ensure the end product is of the highest quality as possible. Some of the activities in the production process consume a lot of time and take up many resources that would have been used in other activities. The article presents lean manufacturing as the best alternative

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The Four Major Trends for Mainframe Replacement Essay Example for Free

The Four Major Trends for Mainframe Replacement Essay As software trends change with the time so will the technologies that they run off of and the platforms they use to operate on. One of those technologies is mainframes and the cost to operate these in the traditional sense comes at a very high cost. The solution is to migrate to a Linux/Unix solution; this can potentially drop total cost of ownership by 77%. Since money is the driving factor in nearly all business decisions it is not hard to see the benefit of migrating to the open source solutions. One of the many advantages to Linux/Unix running on the mainframe is that organizations can significantly reduce the time-to-market of new IT solutions and services through application modernization projects and, in particular, through application migration projects (Pedgen, 2010). Being able to update on the fly is a huge advantage to companies that rely on the data network to successfully operate there day to day operations, this is due in large part to it minimizing down time. Linux/Unix can come in a variety of iterations so it is important to fully inspect the needs and goals of the company when making the decision on which to use. Many companies find solace in the fact that the cost to of ownership is low but they need to take in to account the lack of support that comes with such open source solutions but the fact is that most companies will benefit financially even after implementation. Retail is a good example of how Linux can be used on many different levels throughout an organization. The different levels associated can be anything from warehouse logistics to in store daily operations like inventory. Also having the ability to cusotmize programs for each level of the organization creates a more efficient flow of operations by exploited redundancies in typical off the shelf softwares that are available. Linux Tools Support iOS 4.2.1 The growing cell phone world has been dominated for the last few years by Apple’s iPhone and more so in the market of unlocking those phones to be used on other carriers or just to customize the device beyond Apple and ATT’s manufacturers guidelines. Traditionally consumers would use applications like Pwnage, Yellowsn0w and more recently Blacksn0w to infiltrate these devices. ibimobiledevice provides mechanisms that allow Linux programs to communicate with iPhones, iPod Touchs and iPads via USB without the need to jailbreak the Apple device (, 2010). There are many benefits to this, one of which is offering synchronization between many different applications instead of being restricted to just iTunes. When you don’t have to use iTunes you don’t have to activate the phone thus you can jailbreak it and do what you will. Applications like this speak to the flexibility of Linux by making itself useful on nearly every medium of technology available today. Linux can offer backdoor access to many different systems to allow for customization or just backing up important data for storage or migration purposes. Who Builds Linux? These Days, More and More Mobile Devs The increase of Linux in the world of mobile devs is a growing trend due to its flexibility and also its lack of compatibility with large name tech companies like Google and Microsoft. Linux does become very useful in the development of mobile applications as well as mobile OS’s, some of the companies that support and make use of Linux are Nokia and Qualcomm. As Linux continues to grow in the mobile world there will be a shift in the iterations of Linux to support more mobile platforms. When large tech companies don’t take the compatibility issue with Linux as high priority it hurts the platform and drives devs to use a more limited set of tools and thus causes a decrease in use amongst those people. The exception to this increase in Linux by use of mobile devs is the continued support of software developers like Oracle and IBM. A lot of the support of this open source software depends on large companies like the aforementioned to build upon its kernal and continue to drive innovation within the software to keep it relevant. References

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Jocasta: Queen Of Thebes

Jocasta: Queen Of Thebes Jocasta: Unacknowledged Misunderstood Surrounded by powerful and royal men, left in the background as if she; Jocasta Queen of Thebes was not important. In Sophocles play Oedipus the King, Queen Jocasta endures a tragic fate of her own. Queen Jocasta is not only imperative to the aiding of the story, but gives an more in depth look into Sophocles tragedy. To many people Oedipus is deemed as tragic individual within the play, but not only he should be focused on, Jocasta has encountered just as many tragedies if not more. She receives news about the murder of her husband king Laius, marries her son Oedipus and commits suicide when she finds out the prophecy from oracle has come true. Many people know the story of Oedipus the king, Oedipus who is prophesized to murder his father and marry his mother. At birth Oedipus is taken up to the mountains with his feet bonded to die, to protect the king and queen from the prophecy of the oracle. Perhaps if the story where told in Jocastas point of view, then readers would understand the amount of devastations she has really suffered. Readers will see that more then anything else; Jocasta is an innocent a victim of circumstances. Pregnant with her first child, Jocasta receives the prophecy from the oracle of Delphi that if she bores a son, he will kill the king and marry her. What would any young and impressionable mother do in that situation; but listen to the wise words of her husband and king. King Laius tells her that they must get rid of the baby. â€Å"I am fifteen and afraid to resist and tell myself it is my husbands right; the gods decree a wife obey her spouse (Jocasta)†. Jocasta, not much of a woman yet, can not do anything more then listen to her husband. She must give up her only child, although it is not what she wants to do, she must because it is her only option. â€Å"The only choice a woman has is that she wed accepting what the gods and men decree (Jocasta)†.Women in Jocastas time had no say no say in thing at all. All decisions were made by the men in their lives, their fathers, husbands and the gods. Women could not complain about the decision made, they could only accept th e decision and live with them. In Ruth F. Eisenbergs â€Å"Jocasta†, Sophocles play is told in Jocastas point of view. Eisenberg retells the story by giving a deeper insight on the struggles Jocasta faced as the young wife of Laius and also as the Queen of Thebes. â€Å"The baby cries, and Laius turns away. He summons a servant and orders me to hand my baby over, threatening me when I cry. The king will keep his own hands clean (Jocasta)†. Young and naive Jocasta must do what she is told by her husband or like Oedipus he might get rid of her. Jocasta could not question the great King Laius, she was not his equal. She was considered below him, like all the women other in Thebes during that time. Secondly, she fell in love with the man that solved the riddle of the sphinx, which happened to be her own son, Oedipus, who she has four children with. After many years of an unbearable and loveless marriage, Jocasta finally finds a man that she truly and deeply cares about. He is everything a woman would want smart, a good leader and loving. â€Å"He was at first my headstrong bull, but now he is what a man, a king, should be. Our love has brought to me the joy that I missed when I was young and thought Id never know (Jocasta)†. Her first marriage was so horrible she never though she would find real love. She is really happy with the man that her second husband is, he was everything King Laius was not. Her second husband gives her four beautiful children, children who she thought she would never have again. Two wonderful daughters and two strong sons, the four children she thought she would never have to give up. Everything was going perfect for Oedipus and Jocasta until the land started to come be dry and would not bare any crops. The people of Thebes began to suffer greatly and Oedipus decides to consult the oracle. Consequently, she finds out that everything oracle had predicted in fact did come true. A messenger from Corinth comes to tell Oedipus about the death of his alleged father Polybus, and asks him to come back to Corinth as the new king. Oedipus refuses because he fears he oracles prophecy will come true. The messenger reassures him that Merope his alleged mother did not have any children, and Oedipus was not their real son. Queen begged Oedipus not to continue to question the messenger but he does not listen. â€Å"In the name of the gods, no! If you havesome concern for your own life, then stop! Do not keep investigating this I will suffer-that will be enough (Sophocles)†. Queen no realizes that the prophecy may have actually come true, she tries to protect Oedipus form the truth but he does not listen to her.The messenger goes on to say that in fact Oedipus is the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta. Queen Jocasta just as shocked as Oedipus if not more, is overwhelmed with as tonishment and pity. â€Å"I cant believe. I cant believe. Oh God. He is my son. Ive loved my son but not as mothers should, but in my bed, in me. All that I loved most, his youth that made our love the summer sun, wrong, all wrong. Vile(Jocasta).† Jocasta is so overwhelmed with guilt, shame and pity. After loveless years of marriage to find someone she really loved and to find out that he is her own son was extremely appalling to Jocasta. Jocasta realizes she was cursed form the day she married King Laius and that it is his entire fault, and because of him she is getting punished. Jocasta ashamed and disgusted cures the god and goddess that she prayed to her whole life. With the truth of the oracle being too much to bear, she could no longer live another day and commits suicide. Victimized by the gods and by her first husband, Jocasta was cursed from the day she was born. Her fate was already decided for her and there was no way around it. Everything she every loved was a cu rse, the five children she more were all curses destined to cause her deep pain. Jocasta Queen of Thebes was surrounded by powerful and royal men, and was left in the background as if she was not important. Queen Jocasta was not only imperative to the aiding of the story, but she gave a more in depth look into Sophocles tragedy. Jocasta should also be as a tragic hero, she had encountered many tragedies. After receiving news about the murder of her husband king Laius, she marries her own son; which was all too much for Jocasta to bear thus prompting her to commit suicide. Consequently, now that the story has been told from Jocastas point of view, readers will have a better understanding of the devastation that Jocasta has endure. Jocasta is in fact really the victim in the play; she is a victim of circumstance and truly has suffered as a result. Works Cited â€Å"Jocasta.† N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2009. . â€Å"Jocasta by Ruth Eisenberg.† Jocasta by Ruth Eisenberg. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2009. . Apollo!. â€Å"Sophocles: Oedipus Rex.† Poetry In Translation A.S. Klines Free Poetry Archive Main Site. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2009. . Sophocles Oedipus the King. Sophocles Oedipus the King. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2009. .