Thursday, September 26, 2019


STEEP ANALYSIS ON INDUSTRY OF PULP AND PAPER - Essay Example ronic medium of communication or the digitization and automation in the every aspect of business the need for physical paper has shown a decline in the recent ages (Barney, 1991). The use of the electronic medium in the businesses has affected this industry. This has led to a decline in the purchase of the paper and pulp. However, a number of new technologies have been adopted by the manufacturers which would be cost efficient and would lead to rise in the revenue of the companies. The technological shift would also lead to a rise in the production of the paper in the country. However, as most of the companies are moving towards sustainability the use of hardcopy paper using for mails and documentation are getting reduced. Since the major inputs for the manufacturing of paper and pulp is tree, the manufacturers have become more inclined towards eco friendly. This has led to a rise in the demand for the hand-made paper or of materials which are made up of recyclable products and thereby saving a lot of trees. The manufacturing companies also have to be conscious about the balance in the emissions during the process of production (Chhabra, 2010). There are a number of laws pertaining to the environmental auditing and regulations which has been set by the government of the country. The companies have to ensure that these laws are not violated while they are undertaking their production process. There is a lot of variety of paper that is being produced in India. For each of the qualities the pricing of the paper varies and hence the revenue from the expensive category of the product is quite low. Canada has a stable political environment. Along with that the trade relations with the United States and the participation in the NAFTA has helped the country to move towards a better economic position and have helped the country to complete in the larger world

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