Friday, September 27, 2019

Debate the pro' and cons of death penalty Essay

Debate the pro' and cons of death penalty - Essay Example Usage of powerful killing drugs has been now put to use for the extermination of criminals sentenced to capital punishment. There was a time when this noble profession of medicine was used only for the purpose to serve mankind and heal. But now it has taken a new turn and physicians are being turned into executioners with the different techniques evolving for capital punishment. There has been an instant where there has been an excellent example given, the case of the Abu Ghuraib who was the alleged man behind the 9/11 attacks being held prisoner in Guantanamo bay prison where he was tortured by physicians and also that physicians are used for torture prisoners often. Dr. David Waisel, a physician participation in capital punishment proceeding (Mayo Clin Proc.2007; 82(9): 1073-1080), described this in terms of saying that what physicians consider dehumanizing the condemned through torture during execution process. They dehumanize themselves and grow numb to the idea of death and kill ing. John Bright (1811-1899), a British Quaker and member of Parliament, put it thus in 1868 "that it is actually the law of capital punishment tends to destroy the fact that reverence for life finishes". There was thing heading under which the basic idea strewn together was that United States does not permit execution of children. Here the idea that is being projected was that United States has allowed the execution of children. In the biological sense, teenagers are considered as children but the law states that children above the age of 14 are considered as adolescents and are vulnerable to commit capital offense therefore they are also candidates who, if commit crime can be taken care off using capital punishment which the adults get. Considering another heading which state that the barbarism is being disguised as an act of benevolence referring to the physicians being involved and taking up the role of that their respective field doesn't allow. It also discusses the idea that this capital punishment which has now been slowly converting physicians to mere executioners by making them to take potent medicines. A medicine which was at one time meant to cure people is now being used against them. This whole act by physicians is called barbaric and also that this mal practice of medicine is considered to be hypocritical to the oath of medicine and physicians. Saving lives isn't the deed but taking has been nowadays. Instead of easing pain the condemned go through torture and succumb to the ultimate, death. Here Dr David Waisel argues, as to why not make death easier for the condemned using medicine and not increase sufferings. It's the final act of benevolence that could be acted out even if it for the sinner. Article 2 Cathleen Kaveny (2008). Justice or Vengeance: IS THE DEATH PENALTY CRUEL & UNUSUAL February 15, 2008. Commonweal. In this article the author throws light on the very delicate issue of taking the decision as to what lengths should a capital punishment or death penalties go and yet not touch the boundaries of

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