Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Strategy and Position Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Strategy and Position Paper - Essay Example Lagree fitness plan is an innovation that focuses on attaining optimum physical fitness through the use of technological inventions. Participants of the physical fitness plan are taken through a series of work out practices that enhance five major functionalities of their body. After going through the fitness plan, participants are guaranteed of efficient and highly functional respiratory system of their body as well as proper blood circulation all over the body. Participants are also able to acquire strength of their muscles and endurance. These exercises also shape the body and give it proper tone through loss of fat and growth of muscles. The technology used while exercising on the other hand ensures that the muscles are well stimulated by the exercises to attain maximum flexibility (, 2015). Lagree fitness uses innovative and new technology that sets it apart from other fitness plans. The training is conducted by young motivated instructors like the staff of Brooklyn Bodyburn and has various packages like group plans which make it interactive (Brooklyn Bodyburn, 2015). The use of new patented technology in Lagree fitness plan makes it inaccessible to the general population, thus limiting the growth potential of the new innovation. All new companies that want to employ Lagree fitness plan must be trained and satisfied by Lagree, limiting its coverage. The existing opportunity for Lagree is the many gaps in the innovation of new technology supporting body fitness. If well advertised and marketed, there is sufficient potential for growth of the company and its products. The release of the documentary dubbed future of fitness by Lagree will showcase the new innovations to a wider range of clients. With frequent improvements and innovations, Lagree faces the most threat from new entrants in the body fitness industry. These new entrants may come up with more improved

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