Friday, November 1, 2019

Career Path Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Career Path Analysis - Essay Example 1). To be applicable in this discourse, the career path analysis for students who are currently enrolled at the London College of Communication (LLC) would be structured by initially presenting: (1) where one has been, (2) what activities are currently undertaken and the reasons for engaging in them, and (3) where one envisions oneself in the future. Where One Has Been The current author of this career path analysis have had a challenging personal background being raised and trained to become a responsible person with commitment and dedication to the adherence of ethical and moral codes of conduct. The value and respect for other cultures have been ingrained in one’s upbringing consistent with Sumner’s (1960) contention that each culture must be seen in its own terms, and the worth of a custom can be judged only by the contribution it makes to the culture to which it is a part. The values, beliefs and preferences learned from the family and from one’s national cu lture have continued to be manifested in the way one interrelates with other from diverse cultural orientations. Socio-cultural values have played important roles in one’s view of motivation and behavior. The family, particularly one’s parents, is the most influential force and reason to achieve. One has acknowledged that certain motives come about as a result of the cultural environment in which a person lives. School administrators and faculty members, as well as academic colleagues, should understand that these are some of the motives that the author brings along the academe. Such motives will affect how one would view tasks and responsibilities and how important it is personally perceived. A remuneration of one’s motives recognized parallelism with McClelland’s (1961) more important motives, to wit: the achievement motive, the affiliation motive and the power motive. The desire to achieve and accomplish is gauged to be high with an intense drive to su cceed. One works had and take calculated risks. There is a personal responsibility for getting an academic requirement well done. Concrete feedback is appreciated to determine how well one is doing. Accomplishment is important for one’s own sake, not for the rewards that follow it. Activities Currently Engaged Being part of the LLC is an instrumental move toward the accomplishment of personal and professional goals defined according to the personal motives that drive one’s thrust. People have a variety of needs; and needs manifest themselves in many forms. The theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs clearly depict that satisfaction of lower level needs cease to act as motivators (Maslow, 1954). From one culture to another, the same needs may exist but in different intensities and in a different hierarchy. One’s culture exemplifies a strong sense of belonging. Despite realization that enrolling at LLC would be a personal sacrifice to live away from oneâ€⠄¢s family, the strong desire for achievement and looking beyond the academic pursuit is seen as a more intense need which would eventually lead to self-actualization. Further, interest in the realm of media, advertising and marketing provided the impetus to be an active part of LLC.

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