Monday, November 18, 2019

My Attitude to the God is Dead Phrase of Friedrich Nietzsche Essay - 8

My Attitude to the God is Dead Phrase of Friedrich Nietzsche - Essay Example As a result, he argues that God can only do things that other humans can do. He also argues that God can die. He specifically argues that ‘there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross’ (p. 109). This further shows Nietzsche’s opinion that the founder of Christianity, who was crucified, never resurrected. According to Nietzsche’s history, he was a learned person, a professor, and the people whom he associated with were also respected. Wagner, whom he saw as a father, for example, influenced him. Their relationship however ended because he revolted against him. Nietzsche then tried to establish a love relationship with Lou Salome but the relationship did not succeed. This negatively affected him and he resigned from his work at a university. He then wrote a number of books before suffering from mental illness in the year 1889 and meeting his death in the year 1900. A majority of his writings discredited Christian religious beliefs. I do not agree with Nietzsche’s opinion because of many reasons. While Nietzsche argues that all humans, including God, should be treated equally, he does not appreciate the possibility that God may be the creator of the universe. He also does not explain an alternative origin of nature to oppose the possibility that God created the universe. This, therefore, means that he believes that God has supernatural powers that created the universe. If God created the universe then he has higher powers than any other creature. Therefore, Nietzsche’s opinion that God and other beings are equal is not true. Similarly, his opinion that there existed only one Christian is not true. This is because a Christian is a person who follows the doctrines that Jesus Christ taught. History identifies a number of people who devoted their lives to following the doctrines. Many people also follow the doctrines of this generation.

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