Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wide Area Networks Essays -- Technology Computers Communication Essays

Wide Area Networks The creation of wide area networks links mass communication from people all over the world with a vast variety of different uses. â€Å"A wide area network is telecommunications networks covering a large geographic area.† The internet is the biggest example of a wide area network and has influenced our daily lives all around the world. Wide area networks are connected to local area networks to enable computers to share, send, and access information on a larger scale. These recent technologies over the past 20 years have affected the way we communicate, how businesses operate, and many other factors that we take for granted. Wide area networks are a fast growing telecommunications business which are developing new technologies to help people access information easier, faster with cheaper costs. Wide Area Networks and why, where, who, and how it important? â€Å"Wide area networks are used to connect local area networks together, so that users and computers in one location can communicate with users and computers in other locations. Many WANs are built for one particular organization and are private, others, built by Internet service providers provide connections from an organization’s LAN to the Internet.† WANs are usually built with leased lines from different telecommunications companies. At the end of these lines is a router which allows access and transmissions through these given lines. Through various telecommunications devices and services wide area networks are the leading technology in transmitting global information and communication. â€Å"The main purpose of a WAN is to provide reliable, fast and safe communication between two or more places with low delays and at low prices.† â€Å"WANs can be linke... ...nt to help influence the computer age into a bright, and much larger future. References Duley, CJ. WAN (2000) O’Brien, James A. (2004) Management Information Systems: Managing information technology in the business enterprise. Sixth Edition. McGraw Hill, Boston. Ploskina, Brian DNA Lends Hand to WANs,1759,1242507,00.asp?kc=EWNKT0209KTX1K0100440 August 28, 2001 Alliance Datacom: Wide Area Networks Documentation. (2002) Cisco Systems, Inc. Wikipedia: Wide Area Network. Wireless Wide Area Networking Technologies (2004).

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