Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Partnership in Children and Youngsters

Task A Why is it important for children and young people that you work in partnership with the following people/groups? Parent's, careers, guardians This partnership is very Important because parent's or careers need to trust the nursery and staff that work there. They will expect the best quality of care for their child. Partnering well with the parent or career of the child will increase good communication Including sharing Important information regarding the child needs, wants and development .Building trust with parent's or careers will result in them knowing that the nursery Is a very good place for their child as It offers a great amount of help and support, which is especially important for new parent's or careers. Other professionals It is also important to partner with other professionals as they will offer the support and services, where needed, to improve the overall development of the child. For example, a speech and language therapist may assist a child with communicatio n difficulties. Another example would be a play therapist to diagnose, prevent or resolve a child with psychosocial challenges.Multi disciplinary teams It Is very important that everyone in a multi disciplinary team work in partnership. For the best results, all information must be available. This enables different disciplines to share their skills resulting in more effective support and outcomes for the child. Colleagues Working closely with colleagues and sharing information, such as observations, can add to a greater understanding of the child and their development. Working as a partnership helps to provide a good level of care. It also helps develop the skills across the staff team, as well as providing more effective learning & play environment.Identify from within your chosen work setting three relevant partners for communication and information sharing. Social Services OFFSET Speech and Language Therapist What three characteristics define an effective working partnership? Sup portive – tofu contact and understand. Trustworthy – Will not break confidentiality and is reliable. List three examples of potential barriers to effective partnership working. Breach of confidentiality The practitioner may mistakenly share the information with other people who are not related to the case which may cause inconvenience and distrust to the people involved.Inaccurate policies and procedures The policies may not be clear enough for the practitioner to understand and follow and may be wrong written or not up to date which may cause the practitioner to make a mistake. Lack of effective leadership The manager does not support staff and does not provide regular staff training. Task B Give two reasons why clear and effective information between partners is important. If unclear information given between partners, important details could be misheard causing the partners to make mistakes in their practice leading to disruption, health and safety risks etc.It is a lso important to pass clear and effective information between partners as it boosts the professionalism in the practice. Identify one policy and one procedure from children or young person's work setting for sharing information. The staff will never discuss a child with another parent or career. All members of staff are bound by confidentiality, however, it must be understood that if at any time the interest of a child is considered to be â€Å"at risk† then the nursery must break this confidentiality and take appropriate action. In the event information with staff on a â€Å"need to know' basis.

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