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Movie review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Movie review - Essay Example The movie draws Stone’s experience in the war and most of the characters in the movie were his colleagues in the Vietnam War. The movie starts with the arrival of Chris Taylor in Vietnam where he joined other U.S soldiers in the war as a volunteer with very little war experience (Platoon). Indeed, Chris Taylor was a young, innocent American college dropout who volunteered to join the Vietnam combat. Subsequently, subject to his lack of war experience, his presence in the warzone was initially insignificant and hence the feeling of loneliness. Indeed, Chris Taylor had fought for a short period and did not possess any effects of the war as compared to other soldiers. Nevertheless, the movie assets that Chris Taylor joined the Bravo Company, 25th Infantry near the Cambodian border along other seasoned soldiers. At first, the exhaustion nearly drove his enthusiasm away but the movie demonstrates his will to persevere. Indeed, the movie manifests that after witnessing combat and ge tting injuries from the war, Chris Taylor effectively integrated into the Bravo Company. The movie reflects on the role of Chris Taylor in the unit and his relationship with the fellow soldiers who lead the Bravo Company (Platoon). Actually, Sgt. Barnes as Tom Berenger and Sgt. Elias as Willem Dafoe were leading the platoon. The movie portrays Sgt. Barnes as a man who encountered violence and corruption of his soul in the war through the scars on his face. On the other hand, Sgt. Elias is a calm man who lost his belief in the war and hence continues to fight with his personal and moral courage. As such, there existed immense rivalry between the two sergeants in the leadership of the platoon. Chris Taylor was thus a victim of this rivalry. Indeed, Chris Taylor was now fighting against the enemy on one side and equally fighting the conflict within his platoon. Actually, the two sergeants out lightly conflicted during an illegal killing occur during a village raid (Platoon). Platoon gi ves a clear reflection of the war and the moral issues involved in the war. More so, the movie relevantly mixes the reality of the war with small realistic details like exhaustion and the counting of day to the end of the war. Furthermore, the platoon depicts various battles that took place in the Vietnam War during the night and village raids. Most significantly is the fact that many of the characters in the movie are symbols with a deeper meaning. For instance, Elias and Barnes reflect the good and evil in the Vietnam War though none is entirely good or evil. Notably, the platoon entails the live caption of chaos and confusion within the battle thus negating the characteristics of a traditional war movie. Moreover, the movie establishes all the details that relate to a war and the dehumanizing power of war. As a result, the platoon stands out as the most realistic movie in Vietnam (Platoon). This movie relates to the book, The Vietnam war 1945 - 1990 by Marilyn Young. The book see ks to give the conflicting sides of the war. Indeed, the book establishes the conflicts between political and American foreign policy (Young 8-15). This clearly relates to the conflict among the American soldiers as seen in the platoon especially between Sgt. Barnes and Sgt. Elias. More so, the book derives the history of the Vietnam, war just as seen in the pl

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