Sunday, January 5, 2020

Americ A Concise History - 1160 Words

Bashaer Nasief AMH2010 Final Paper. Dec/8/2014 The interesting topics The class and book â€Å"America: a concise history† throughout 1450- 1877 had many interesting topics and information about the history of America. There were five topics that stuck out to me the most this semester. First one was in chapter eleven, which was the religion and reform. Second one in chapter four, that was intriguing to read was about the treatment of women during this period of time and the development of women’s rights. The third topic that was in chapter one, which was exciting to read about was the Native American tribes. The fourth topic was when we discussed about Mansa Musa and the trans Saharan, coastal trade, the spirit world. Lastly, the south†¦show more content†¦There is only a small amount of individuals that believe in this religion left. Another part of this topic that was interesting was Joseph Smith and the Mormons. Unlike the shakers, these groups of people are still very much active today in spreading their religion. They most ly go door-to-door preaching and giving people a booklet about their religion. This religion started once Joseph Smith felt God though him. He made a book and wanted to fix a world that was full of sin and destruction. After that he had a vision that made it â€Å"ok† to for the men to have multiple wives, including him. This religion is still very popular in the United States. The last person to catch my attention in this chapter was john Noyes and Oneida. I never heard of a religion where people saw married as a rejected practice Feeling that everyone should get married to each other and live all together. I’m pretty sure this religion didn’t last either. I feel as if everyone during this period thought why not make a group. They all had ideas and individualism. Also, wanted to start forming changed within the culture of America. The second topic about women, made me see how the men even in America treated them and how they didn’t receive rights until m uch later. Everyone thinks all the Middle Eastern countries treat their women horrible and they don’t have any rights. But after reading this part of the chapter, I see that people don’t seem to mention how the women here are treated back in the day.

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